About Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers. Nature, palm-lined boulevards, is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of the central Old City has preserved its traditional architecture and large-scale tourism investments. Antalya at the same time, it is one of Turkey's large-scale migration and urban areas.

Although Gautler de Montbellard captured the city in 1215 with the forces he brought from Cyprus and killed the Turks, Antalya was taken back by Keyhüsrev I. XII. At the end of the century, when the Seljuk State came to an end, the lands between Isparta and Antalya came under the rule of Hamidoğulları, a branch of the Teke Tribe. İlyasbeyoğlu Dündar Bey, who captured Antalya, left the management of this place to his brother Yunus Bey. Yunus Bey's sons ruled in Antalya. This second branch of Hamidoğulları is known as Tekeoğulları. Even though Cyprus King Pirre captured Antalya in 1361, Mehmed Bey from Tekeoğulları took the city back in 1373. During the time of his son, Osman Bey, Antalya, Yıldırım Bayezıd gave the management of this place to Firuz Bey (1391). However, the sources do not show a single date on the transition of Antalya to the Ottomans (1389-1392 according to Oruç Bey and Neşri; 1391 according to Ibni Kemal).