About Bodrum

The ancient name of Bodrum is Halicarnassos. It was read as Halicarnassus in Turkish. The city was named Petrium after the city was dedicated to St. Peter's together with the castle called the Castle of St. Peter. In time, this name was read as first petrum, then potrum and finally as Bodrum.

It was founded by Bodrum Dor, whose old name was Halicarnassus. After them, it hosted the Carians and Ionian people. With the sea of Halicarnassus, it started to attract the attention of states and Emperors due to its location, and therefore it faced invasions. It housed all civilizations from the Persians to Alexander the Great, from the Egyptian King to the Romans, from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottomans. Finally, it took the name Bodrum during the Republic period.