About Fethiye

The old name of the city is Meğri. It is especially developed in terms of tourism. The central population in 2011 is 81,467. It is the largest district of Muğla and the district with the largest area and residential area, including Muğla in the center. In terms of population density, Muğla is larger than the center and other districts.

Fethiye is a district of Muğla Province in the west of the Mediterranean Region. Its area is 3.059 km². It has the largest area including Muğla. It is surrounded by the provinces of Antalya in the east and southeast, the Mediterranean in the south, southwest and west, Dalaman district in the northwest, and Denizli and Burdur in the north. Fethiye district, which also hides the ancient city of Telmessos, is located in the east of Fethiye Gulf, in the southwest of the Plain. Coming from İzmir-Muğla; The coastal road reaching Antalya is 1 km. passes east. In this way, the distance from the provincial center to Muğla is approximately 130 km.

Fethiye has suffered many important earthquakes. In 1856 and 25.04.1957, at 04.25, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred and 67 people died and 3200 buildings were damaged. Fethiye, which was rebuilt, now has a modern harbor and marina.